Drunken Curling in Las Vegas

Drunken Curling in Las Vegas

Crazy weekend in Las Vegas watching the Men’s Curling Championship (yes, you read that correctly).  My friend Bill J Hill stops by the podcast to tell stories of the weekend plus growing up in Las Vegas.   It was a fun time.  Never in my wildest imagination would I have ever thought a large group of us friends would be so excited to see curling live.  But if you ever get the chance to see these professionals….do it!

The accuracy and precision is just amazing, plus you get a better sense of the speed.  The picture is of the Swedish and Canadian teams in the Gold Medal match.  After the match I had the opportunity to meet Bruce Mouat, the skip of bronze medal Team Scotland, and his parents.  They looked so proud of him.  They were also in awe of Vegas.

The best part was his fathers kilt.  He was rockin’ it proudly.  As they do in Vegas, souvenir drinks are all over the place.  And curling was no exception, the Orleans (where the event was held) had the best one by far (see below).

This was filled with some sort of cherry flavor and a lot of booze.  One was all it took to get a buzz on. Speaking of getting you buzz on, our drink this week was Flor de Cana Rum.

Take a listen to the podcast as we discuss the weekend in more detail and laugh at some of the craziness that happened. Enjoy.

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