Trumps visit and Drugs in America

Trumps visit and Drugs in America

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The poll results are in and revealed in this episode.  We asked ‘What ya drinkin’?” on Friday night to relax and unwind after a long work week.  The choices – (A) Shots, (B) Beer, (C) Wine, (D) Anything straight up.  Feel free to follow us and leave your choice on our Facebook page.  Also, we discuss President Trumps visit to southern California and the traffic mess it creates.  Although people like to blame him for everything, this happens with every one of them.

I did have to make a meme for the town where they have the wall prototypes.  Every news anchor would mispronounce the name and say, “O-tay”, except for the Spanish speaking ones.

Later in the episode as I reminisced about my youthful drinking, I realize that what we thought back then was crazy and hardcore is nothing to kids today.  Now they seem to be experimenting with heroin, meth, to Tide pods.  One girl gauged her eyes out while in a meth induced hallucination. (link) My views on the legalization of pot and other drugs and more are discussed too.

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