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Because Your Beer is on My List I’m Creamin’

Because Your Beer is on My List I’m Creamin’

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On the show, we explore a little life hack that helps us all remember the simple joys in life.  Plus review a great summer time beer Cali Creamin by Mother Earth Brewing of Vista California.  And of course we talk about the big summit in Singapore.  Damn, I should have a had a Singapore Sling.  Not even sure what’s in that but it would have been appropriate.  Also, we touch on this day in history and dumb LA newscaster comments.

Give it a listen and give the little list exercise a try as well.  I think we all need to remember those things that brings us joy in the simplest way.  Maybe if we all did then we wouldn’t stress or dwell so much about the little things that we perceive as bad or negative.  I think it’s time we all started to take a loooong break from social media too.  Except for the podcast Facebook page, of course.

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